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By purchasing goods from www.exoticplantsdirect.com (Exotic Plants Direct) you are entering into a legally binding agreement with us according to the following terms. You should read and understand these terms because they affect your rights and liabilities. These terms describe the basis for purchase by you and sale by us of the products described on this website and from manual transactions that originate from the website (e.g., quotes).

The terms on this website may change at any time. You should therefore ensure that you read the terms each time you use the website. Where the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 applies to any goods, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect your rights as a customer to the rights and remedies under that Act.


An agreement for us to sell you Goods is made on these terms when we accept an order made by you via our Website or from manual processes. We will confirm acceptance of your order via return email to the email address you provide.

We aim to give you a clear idea of the nature of the plants and products we sell. However, you appreciate that there are inevitably slight variations in size, shape, and colour between different specimens. Images, descriptions, and any other information as to particular plants, varieties, and products are for guidance only and customers may wish to undertake further due diligence before making a purchase decision.>

During late autumn and winter some plants will go dormant and may lose their leaves. This is simply part of their normal growth cycle. As such, customers may receive plants which they were not expecting to be dormant. Customers are reminded to read all details pertaining to each plant to avoid any surprises. Images displayed on the website of plants in flower, with leaves, or both are not intended to mislead but rather to show how the plant looks at a particular time of year. Customers may wish to undertake further due diligence before making a purchase decision to avoid such disappointment.


All prices listed include USD, packing, and freight.

Product prices may be subject to change without notice. However, where a forward order has been accepted by ExoticPlantsDirect and payment has been made by the customer, no additional charges shall be passed onto the customer. Where the customer is notified of a pricing error at any time, Exotic Plants Direct shall at it’s sole discretion elect to supply or refund that purchase or part thereof.

Some products (e.g., larger trees) do not have a quoted price and are sold on a quote and acceptance basis.

Should you change the delivery address for a quoted item after placing an order and that order has not been despatched, we may need to revisit the quote to ensure the freight costs have not been materially impacted. Where additional costs are to be incurred for freight, those costs shall be passed onto the customer.


Payments are made at the time of order placement. Payments for quote items must be made within 24 hours of accepting the quote or the quote shall be void. Products will only be despatched once payment has been received in full.



We will deliver the Goods to the address you specified in your order. It is important that this address is accurate and can easily be accessed by a vehicle. Please be precise about where you would like the goods left in case you are out when we deliver. We cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage to the Goods once they have been delivered in accordance with your delivery instructions. Delays by Exotic Plants Direct for delivery shall not entitle the customer to repudiate this Contract.


Risk of damage to or loss of the Goods passes to you at the time of delivery to you, even if you fail to take delivery at the time when we tried to deliver the products.

You will only own the Goods once they have been delivered (taking into account the former paragraph) and when we have received cleared payment in full.


No refunds shall be permitted once an order has been packed for shipping which generally occurs the following day after order placement.

Where you wish to cancel an order before shipping and this is accepted by Exotic Plants Direct, Exotic Plants Direct shall charge a 5% administrative fee and deduct this from the refund. This fee covers the transactional fees from the banks and the time involved to process the refund.


Exotic Plants Direct aims to provide high quality plants and products to our customers. Accordingly, we warrant that where the Goods are products and not already covered by a manufacturer’s guarantee, they will meet their specification and will be free from defects in materials and workmanship at the time of delivery. Where the Goods are plants, we aim to deliver plants that are of the highest quality and true to type. However, we give no warranty as to plant growth rates or performance of the plants in your growing conditions.



All content on the Website, the arrangement of that content, and all software compilations are the copyrighted property of Exotic Plants Direct or that of the people who have granted Exotic Plants Direct the right to use it. It is therefore protected by Copyright with all rights reserved.

None of this material may be used without our written permission. You may download or print a single copy for your own off-line viewing on the proviso that it will not be used for commercial purposes.

All names, logos, slogans, or other phrases may be a trade mark of ours or another person or corporation. Any unauthorised use of a trade mark is unlawful.

The descriptions and images of plants and products in this website have been compiled to inform the purchaser. At all times we aspire to provide both accurate and useful information but this content should not be taken as exact or literal. Plant photographs should be considered representative of the actual plant at either a mature or intermediate growth stage.



Our Customer Privacy Policy explains how we manage your data and details.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of any personal or business information that you provide. When you submit information to Exotic Plants Direct website we use the information to help us provide you with more personalised customer service. We will never sell or give your personal or business information to a third party.

We may use your e-mail details to inform you of new products or special offers. You can unsubscribe from this service at any time using the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email form.


We reserve the right to make changes to this Website, the Terms and Conditions, and other policies at any time without notice to you.